General FAQs

What is Wyse Women?

Wyse Women is an exclusive network that connects professional women with flexible projects in the media, marketing and communications industry. Built upon a trusted network of friends, colleagues and referrals Wyse Women offers a unique, premium service focused on delivering high quality talent who can hit the ground running. All members have been vetted, in person, by our team and offer a minimum of 10 years experience in the industry.

How does it work?

Members are notified when a suitable project arises and are invited to express their interest for the role. Wyse Women facilitates the interview process and supports both parties in agreeing terms. Regular communication is maintained throughout the project and feedback provided to both parties.

What makes Wyse Women different?

Wyse Women is the only network specializing in project based opportunities for highly skilled professionals within the media, marketing and communications industry. We recognise two realities; that the most experienced talent in market is not always available within a traditional ‘9-5’ environment and that businesses are increasingly looking to an on-demand workforce who can hit the ground running. We believe that a change in approach, where flexible project work becomes the new norm, will not only help to meet these needs but also help the industry retain our top talent.

For companies

What is Wyse Women for companies?

Wyse Women connects your business with professional women in the media, marketing and communications industry. Wyse Women enables businesses to tap into an underutilized workforce of talented women, each with over 10 years experience, on a flexible basis.

Why should my company use Wyse Women?

Wyse Women is not a standard job board or recruitment agency. Our unique and premium network is built on trusted referrals (all candidates are referred by a Wyse Women or from someone within our trusted network) providing your business with access to a highly experienced workforce who can hit the ground running.
A full-time employee will, on average, cost their employer an additional 42% of their base salary for each year of employment in (amongst other costs) benefits, insurance, tax, leave and training. For some businesses these costs are too prohibitive for them to employ permanent staff members with 10/15/20 years experience.

Wyse Women offers businesses the opportunity to tap into our professional network on a flexible basis, opening up a whole new pool of resource that they would not have been able to previously consider.

To summarize the benefits we offer our business partners:

  • Significant cost savings
  • A workforce of experienced and talented professionals, who they would not otherwise be able to access.
  • Flexible working arrangements.

What makes Wyse Women unique?

Every member has been referred from within the Wyse Women network and has been thoroughly vetted by our team. They have all been interviewed in person and reference checks completed so that we have complete confidence they meet the standard you expect. Wyse Women is the only platform where you can access senior, respected and highly skilled on-demand talent in the Australian media, marketing and communications industry.

How do we get started?

Firstly we will ask you to provide us with a brief so that we better understand your business requirements. From here we will consult our database, look to our network of contacts and approach relevant candidates. Our community of 300+ women might also be asked to make personal referrals.

Wyse women will interview potential candidates to screen them for suitability and to ensure we understand their flexibility requirements and expectations. We will then collate a shortlist of candidates for your review, help to arrange interviews and provide you with at least 2 recent references for each candidate.

Feedback from both parties will be shared until a candidate is selected. Remuneration will be agreed upfront with contracts signed between i) Wyse Women and your business, and ii) between the chosen candidate and your business.

Is there a probation period?

Yes. The probationary period is 4 weeks for short term projects and 3 months for long term projects

Do I need to offer on-site working arrangements or will members work remotely?

This will depend on the needs of your business and the flexibility requirements of the members. As long as you flag any key requirements during the briefing phase we will ensure that all potential candidates meet your needs.

What are the fees?

Fees are agreed upfront and will be 15% of the total project.

Who do we pay?

The employment contract will be between your business and the member so you will be required to pay the candidate directly as per the terms of that agreement. The Wyse Women fee requires payment upon commencement of the project. All invoices need to be paid within 30 days.

For members

What is Wyse Women for members?

Wyse Women connects professional women in the media, marketing and communications industry with flexible projects. By offering project based opportunities on a flexible basis and in a supportive environment Wyse Women aims to provide women with the balance and fulfilment that we need in our modern day lives.

Why should I use Wyse Women?

Wyse Women has questioned nearly 400 women and discovered that we all have something in common; we are all looking for more flexibility, diversity and/or autonomy in our careers. Whether it be supplementary income, more flexible working arrangements or the option to choose our own schedule we all recognize that the traditional ‘9-5’ working model doesn’t necessarily offer us the opportunities, or balance, that we seek in our everyday lives.

As a talented professional with a minimum of 10 years experience your skills are highly valued and sought after so Wyse Women brings you together with businesses who are looking to benefit from your knowledge and wisdom in return for interesting and diverse project opportunities with flexible working arrangements.

How can I become part of the Wyse Women network?

The Wyse Women community has been built on a network of referrals so all candidates are referred by a Wyse Woman or from someone within our trusted network. However, if you are a media, marketing and communications professional with more than 10 years experience then please complete the registration form and someone will be in touch to arrange an interview and references.

Do you only offer short term project work?

No not necessarily. We recognize that within our professional network each women has varying degrees of flexible working requirements. Some of our business partners recognize that the Wyse Women community houses some of the most experienced and talented professionals within our industry so will sometimes look for our help in sourcing longer term positions. If you are open to these opportunities please let us know and we will reach out to you if and when a relevant role arises.

Will I always be required to work on-site?

This will differ for each project and will depend on your requirements as well as those of your employer. Prior to the commencement of each project Wyse Women will help agree terms which will include working location.

How much will I get paid, and will it be an hourly rate?

Remuneration for each placement will be negotiated individually prior to commencement. Projects can be paid on an hourly, weekly, monthly or project basis. Wyse Women will help all candidates agree terms with their employers before any work is completed.

Will I be paid superannuation, annual leave and additional benefits?

Most short term contracts are not required to offer superannuation, annual leave or benefits. However, as each project is different in length and nature this does not necessarily mean it will be the case for every opportunity. Remuneration will always be agreed upfront and you will be clear before starting work on a project whether you will receive any of these benefits.

What is the average length of a project and do you only offer short term opportunities?

Most employers are looking for short term resource ranging from 1-6 months, but this isn’t the case for all projects. Wyse Women will consider projects of any length, including full time positions, if we are confident the opportunities are relevant for our network of professional women. Please let us know what your preferences are and we will reach out to you when the right role arises.

What happens if I need more time to complete a project?

This will depend on the terms of the initial agreement, the scope of the project work and the circumstances surrounding the additional time requirements. Wyse Women need to be involved in any contract extension discussions and in those cases where an extension is agreed Wyse Women will assist you with the terms of the extended contract.

How will I be assessed?

Clear KPIs and deliverables will be agreed at the start of the project and Wyse Women will seek feedback from the employer and candidate post commencement of the project. Any issues should be flagged to Wyse Women as early as possible, so that we can assist with this communication.

Can I undertake project work whilst on maternity leave?

This depends on the terms of the contract with your current employer. Most companies will not allow employees to engage in paid employment whilst still receiving income so we recommend a discussion with your employer to i) ensure you understand the terms of your contract and ii) discuss the opportunity of undertaking project work whilst on maternity leave. Wyse Women will not provide you with legal advice so we urge you to consult with your current employer or an employment lawyer and to read some of the material available online. We have provided several links below for your reference;

Human Services

Can I undertake more than one project at a time?

This will depend on the terms you have agreed with each project provider.

Do I require an ABN to undertake project work?

Each project is different so this is not the case for all scenarios. You will be hired by the business directly on a short term contract, or be hired as a contractor in which case an ABN is required. Please refer to the ATO for more guidance.

What additional information do you require from me?

All candidates need to:

  • Complete the registration form
  • Provide their CV
  • Provide a minimum of two recent references, with contact details.
  • Attend an interview with a Wyse Women representative
  • If relevant provide a portfolio of your work