This startup places highly skilled women into project-based work, and companies love it

“Sarah Wyse thought she was ‘the only person stupid enough to want to do any work on maternity leave’. As it turns out, she’s not.”

How This Business Is Solving One of the Biggest Challenges for Women Today

“Flexibility. A term often associated with performing downward dog (or maybe just reaching down to touch your toes). It’s not often attributed to the schedules of women working in large corporations.”

Officeworks WorkWise Campaign

Wyse Women was recently featured in Officework’s ‘Workwise’ campaign. Great to receive such support for our initiative and encouraging to see companies getting on board with our ambition to empower all women to reach their full potential. Watch the video below.

Sound the Klaxons! It’s Wyse Women’s Sarah Wyse

“Sarah Wyse from Allure Media is a bona fide role model for women in the media industry, And you’re about to read precisely why. Early in 2017 she launched Wyse Women, an organisation connecting professional women with flexible projects in the media, marketing and communications industry.”

Australian Startup Wyse Women is putting a new focus on flexible working

Despite a long history of the modern human working a standard 9-to-5 job, there’s currently a wave of revolt. Today’s millennials are seduced by workplace flexibility and, in fact, will forego a pretty penny for it: this report suggests that 45 per cent of millennials would rather have more relaxed working hours than a higher salary.