Wyse Women gives

At Wyse Women our mission is to empower all of our members to reach their full potential. But our mission doesn’t stop there.

Whether it be financial, political or circumstantial, we recognise the struggle for many women in Australia and all over the world. As a community of educated and privileged women we support organisations who share our vision and philosophy and collectively we want to make a difference.

We hope to engage with organisations where we know we can make a positive impact. From fundraising and volunteering to mentorship and education, we are giving our outstanding network of women the opportunity to stand together to empower other women to reach their full potential.

Today we partner with Dress for Success Sydney, an organisation empowering women to achieve economic independence. So far they have helped over 10,000 women get back on their feet and into employment by providing a network of support, professional attire and career development tools.

Wyse Women supports DFSS through fundraising, education and mentoring where our members can volunteer their time and expertise to help empower other women.

If you’re a member and would like to learn how you can get involved to make a difference or a not-for-profit organisation supporting women in need of our help, please get in touch.